Zaragoza Sur Public School


The southern part of Zaragoza is one of the most important expansion areas in the city. It includes both “Rosales del Canal”, “Valdespartera” and “Montecanal” areas, and is receiving some of the most modern design projects to fit its new residential expansion.


The “Zaragoza Sur” public school we are showing today, is one of this new public facilities, which are using green-building concepts like an extensive use of brise soleils and high efficient isolating systems.


This project has installed our UPO-150 and our UPO-250 in a wide range of colors that improves the children-friendly factor of this school. Longer blades get up to 3450mm long in one piece, even when they are adjustable, and have electric motors in order to improve the climate savings.

UPO-150 y 250 CEIP Zaragoza Sur 3

We have also been selected for the second phase of the building, wich we will show you soon.



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