UMBELCO: Brise soleil and louvers for Sun Shading

Umbelco is a Spain Based company, who has been producing it’s own designed  brise soleil and louvers since 1996. Nowadays, it´s one of the most important louvers producer in Spain and it’s starting a campaign to intruduce it’s products both in the UK and France.


Our facilities cover more than 65.000ft², in wich we are producing not only aluminium products, but also, zinc, copper, glass, wood, phaenolics and steel ones, in blade sizes that start in 35mm and gets up to 350 mm.



With both 9001 and 14001, our compromise with quality is guarateed, but we are also pioneers in producing innovative and sustainable products without scheduled obsolescence (ISSOP Seal), and in having an important corporate social responsibility (awarded with the RSA 2017 in Aragón).

297916-944-937 sello-issop

Sellos ISO9001 y 14001.jpg

In this blog, you will be able to check some of our projects finished, and how they perform over the years, in order to confirm That Umbelco is a synonim of protection, performance, design and endurance.



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